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What is My Account?

My Account is a user center where you can check your ID level,order history,Rank points,wish list,In-Stock Notices,etc.

What are the various client levels?

For Asu register clients, there are 5 levels:
Silver VIP
Gold VIP
Platinum VIP
Diamond VIP

How are the various ID levels differentiated for Asu clients?

ID levels are differentiated by the Asu Account Rank Points.

ID Level

Asu Account Amount


0-1,999 USD

Silver VIP

2,000-4,999 USD

Gold VIP

5,000-9,999 USD

Platinum VIP

10,000-19,999 USD

Diamond VIP

20,000- USD

What are the benefits for each Asu client ID level?

For different Asu client ID levels, there are different discount , for more details, you can click here to check.


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